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Test Equipment for Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)

 Including Compliance Verification Benches for conformity assessment as per IEC 60898, IEC 60947, IS 8828, UL 489 & user specifications.

We design and manufacture test equipments and automation solutions for testing and production of miniature circuit breakers (MCB or Disjoncteurs) and other line protection devices.
Some of our standard MCB Test Equipments are listed here. These facilitate testing of circuit breakers as per user selection or various standards such as IEC 60898, IS 8828, IEC 60947, UL 489 and others. Please write to us for more details about our custom made test equipments for MCBs.

Testing Solutions for Miniature Circuit Breakers (for testing as per IEC 60898 & others)

Thermal Calibration Test Bench for Miniature Circuit Breakers for Thermal Calibration

This is a totally Modular System for Automatic Calibration & Verification of Thermal Trip characteristics of MCBs. The system is expandable from 1 station to ‘n’ stations and handles calibration of MCBs. Each station is provided with one MTCM CU for controlling the operation of that station. The MCB under test (its type / set of calibration parameters) at each station is essentially independent of the other stations. Consequentially, the user is free to calibrate different types of MCBs simultaneously   independent of each other. An interface module facilitates the communication between every station   the Windows based software that governs the system. Each station operates automatically as soon as the MCB is switched ON after loading. The calibration i.e. adjustment of setscrew of the MCB is done with the help of Stepper Motor. The PC in real time collects the ‘trip time’ of MCB under test and the result as Early, OK or Late. The same system can be used for verification of the calibration wherein the tripping time with limits can be checked and hence the system is also available without fixtures for verification (with manual calibration) only.
At the heart of the calibration system is the electronic DC Constant Current Source specially designed for thermal calibration of MCBs. This source is more accurate than conventional electrical source, designed for continuous duty, controlled by a dedicated micro-controller based module (that sets the correct test current instantly) and is proven to be extremely rugged and reliable. The architecture of the test system is modular and can be easily scaled up fast at a later point in time, should there be a sudden rise in production requirement; meaning – for 10 station bench, there would be 10 sources, 10 fixtures and 10 MTCMs. It is possible to add 1 or more stations as and when required, instead of directly buying another test system. This is cost-effective, guarentees zero down-time & has many other benefits. The accompanying PC based TestWareTM is intuitive, has secured database and exports reports easily for statistical analysis such as pareto analysis, bell-curve etc.

The solution comprises of:
  1. Solid State DC Constant Current Source (with 0.2 % regulation) at each station.
  2. Display & Control Unit for each station at each station.
  3. Specially designed PC interface module.
  4. Electro-pneumatically operated mechanical fixtures (test jigs) to hold MCB with Stepper Motor for calibration of MCB at each station.
  5. PC running Windows
  6. TestWareTM - SCADA for control and data acquisition from the test equipment.

Models available are:
Unique Benefits of this solution over the competition
# Aspect This Solution Conventional Equipment
1 Line & Load Current Regulation Better than 0.3% 0.5% or 1%
2 Power Consumption Low Normal
3 Test Voltage / Operator Safety No extra guards are required as Individual
Station has its own Power Source &
maximum voltage is 7V
Higher Voltage is required for MCBs of
lower rating which calls for special safety
4 Flexibility You can spread the system to different physical locations and can test different types of MCBs simultaneously Fixed bench
5 Scalability 100%; System can have 1,2.3,...n stations as and when required No change can be made on existing
6 Reliability Solid state components lead to long life and less fatigue, No interruption of current as there is no need of change-over after a breaker at a station trips Interruption of current after a breaker trips
7 Maintenance /
Individual Station can be replaced or shut
down without affecting rest of the system;
Easy 'plug & use' possible
Failure of any one component is the failure of
complete system; skilled technician required
for repairing
8 Spares
Modular system leads to lesser spares /
Different types of spares required
9 Size Compact & Portable Medium; Mounted on Castors
10 Cost No increase in cost for the last 5 years Price directly dependant on fluctuating cost of copper

This particular solution has been our star product with sizable repeat orders from small, medium and major manufacturers of Miniature Circuit Breakers including reputable clients such as Siemens, Larsen & Toubro, Legrand, Havells, Panasonic, GE, Indoasian, Wipro, Bhartia Cutler Hammer, C&S, ABB and Teknic Euchner.
Daily, more than 500,000 poles are tested with this system!

Product Images (Click on images to zoom):
Miniature Circuit Breaker Thermal Test Equipment MCB Testing Equipment Circuit Breaker Testing  Test Jig for Miniature Circuit Breaker

Thermal Trip Verification Test Bench for Miniature Circuit Breakers

The Thermal Trip Verification Test Bench is designed to perform thermal trip verification of Miniature Circuit Breakers as per clause 9.10 of the IEC 60898. The working of the test system is similar to the thermal trip calibration panel; however this system is to be used to verify the tripping characteristics simulating the actual working conditions.

The test solution comprises of:
  1. Constant Current Source
  2. Display & Control Unit for each station at each station.
  3. Specially designed PC interface module.
  4. PC
  5. TestWareTM - SCADA for control and data acquisition from the test equipment.
Product Images (Click on images to zoom):
Circuit Breaker Testing Trolley Miniature Circuit Breaker Testing Trolley

Magnetic Trip Verification Test Bench for Miniature Circuit Breakers (As per IEC 60898)

In keeping up with our innovative culture, we present you Magnetic Trip Test Bench for testing of miniature circuit breakers. This test bench is specially built for low voltage- B, C & D curve MCBs. Specially designed custom built jigs are able to accommodate one, two, three and four pole MCBs enabling the user to test all kinds of miniature circuit breakers on a single test bench. The software (that comes with the test equipment) has testing procedures for MCB as per clause 9.10 of IEC 60898 and test d and e in Table 7 of IEC 60898 clause 8.6.1. (Used widely across the world; the corresponding Indian standard is IS 8828). This makes the test bench an ideal one in the list of required MCB Testing equipment for production as well as in the laboratory.

Decades of experience has helped us to design current source (transformer) in a special way such that good current regulation and high accuracy is ensured with a variable range without the use of any variable transformer in the system.

The product is better than the competition in every sense with conventional technology at a lesser price!

Main Features at a glance:



Models Available:

Model # MCB Rating Curve Current Range Dimensions in mm Maximum Input Current @ 230V
1 0.5 to 32 A B, C 1 A to 320 A 1300 X 850 X 1600 16 A
2 0.5 to 32 A B, C, D 2 A to 650 A 1300 X 850 X 1600 40 A
3 0.5 to 63 A B, C 1 A to 650 A 1300 X 850 X 1600 40 A
4 0.5 to 63 A B, C, D 2 A to 1250 A 1450 X 850 X 1600 80 A
Product Images (Click on images to zoom):
Miniature Circuit Breaker Magnetic Test Bench
Circuit Breaker Testing TestWare

Video of MCB Magnetic Trip Verification Test Bench:

Portable Tester (& Demonstration Equipment) for MCB

Portable Tester for MCB is designed for trip test & verification of low voltage single or multi pole MCBs. This tester is lighter, economical, more compact and portable than ever before. For example, the 100 A test set up weighs about a mere 7 kg., making it ideal for sales engineers intending to demonstrate their MCB trip characteristics to their dealers and customers. In addition, this equipment can be carried anywhere to the field for on-site testing/maintenance due to its portability and light weight.

The briefcase is capable of performing 2.55*In test as per Table 7 (test c) of IEC 60898. In addition, test a and test b of Table 7, popularly known as the 1.13*In (no trip) and1.45*In (trip) test, are included for the respective currents. Also the no trip time, trip time and total test time can be pre programmed on the interface module thus making the operation fully automatic. The all in one trip demonstration unit makes it an ideal instrument for demonstration as well as routine check.

The user friendly micro controller based interface module along with a smartly designed electronic current source makes it a state of an art product for precision testing and demonstration of low voltage MCBs.

We have the following 4 models for Portable Circuit Breaker Tester
Model MCB BC 10 MCB BC 20 MCB BC 100 MCB BC 200
Default I/P Voltage (as per client specifications) 230V AC +/-10 % 230V AC +/-10 % 230V AC +/-10 % 230V AC +/-10 %
Default I/P Frequency (as per client specifications) 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
O/P Voltage 10V 5V 2V 2V
O/P Current (programmable) 0.5 to 10A 1 to 20A 5 to 100A 10 to 200A
Resolution 0.1A 0.1A 0.1A 0.1A
Line Regulation 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
Load Regulation 0.5% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%
MCB Ratings covered for 2.55 test 0.5, 1, 2, 3A 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6A 2, 3, 4, 6, 8,10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 32A 4, 6, 8,10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 45,50, 63A
MCB Ratings covered for 1.13 and 1.45 test 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6A 1 ,2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 13A 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 45, 50, 63A 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 45, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125A
Weight in kG 6 6.5 7 8.5 
Dimensions (WidthxDepthxHeight) in mm 430x320x140 430x320x140 430x320x140 500x380x180
(specifications are subject to change because of improvisations)
The above models are available in 110V, 60Hz & other ratings. Please contact us for specifications of models above 200A
Product Images (Click on images to zoom):
PAT Tester Portable Appliance Tester

Tripping Characteristic Test Equipment for MCB (Audit Test Bench as per IEC 60898 or IS 8828)

The MCB Tripping Characteristics Test Equipment is optimally designed to verify the Tripping Characteristic of MCBs as per clause 9.10.1 of IEC 60898 (Also mentioned in Indian Standard IS 8828). The bench essentially comprises of Servo Controlled mechanism to set and maintain desired current (against incoming mains fluctuation) and a Micro-controller based master controller unit plus digital timer, which governs the entire sequence of operation making it a stand-alone system once the user connects the (6, 8 or 12) MCBs and configures the test parameters.

The two typical tests in the test bench, each of one hour maximum, viz. 1.13 In and 1.45 In are carried out automatically one after another and the trip times are recorded and displayed on the individual station timer. The test parameters (such as 'no trip test' and 'trip test' current, test time, chamber temperature and so on) are programmable  in a micro-controller based control unit, specially designed for circuit breaker digital testing. A pass / fail display on individual station by individual LED lamps along with trip time on digital displays provide a quick reading of all the MCBs making the bench easy to configure and to read test results.


Product Images (Click on images to zoom):
Audit Test Bench

Characteristics Test & Measurement System for Circuit Breakers (MCB & RCBO)

The Time Current Characteristics Test Solution for Circuit Breakers is designed to test & measure the time v/s current waveforms for B,C,D curve MCBs for both thermal as well as magnetic trip. The software is programmed to typically follow the Table 7 of clause 8.6.1 of IEC 60898 with capability to add user customization. It is suitable for RCBO (IEC 61009) also. It has an inbuilt current source to source currents equivalent to those mentioned in the above mentioned table. All MCBs with range 0.5 Amp to 125 Amp can be tested on this panel.

PC Based (PC Operated) Test System with Software Interface

The system will be integrated with PC based test software (TestWareTM) for automatic operation & test sequence, with programmable test & MCB parameters, user access control & report generation. The user has to set the input parameters such as MCB rating, type of test (thermal or magnetic), test currents (trip and no trip current), test times, etc. and the test sequence is automatic.

The software will control the tests sequence in a stand alone manner. Wherever applicable the sequence will be automatic in accordance with IEC 60898 testing standard. There will be facility to program MCB ratings & current values as per the user specification or any relevant standard for MCB apart from IEC 60898. TestWareTM will display all the test results such as exact trip time in seconds (milliseconds for magnetic testing), trip and no trip current will be stored and displayed for each station. TestWareTM will be able to graphically plot time current characteristics curve for both thermal and magnetic tests. TestWareTM will have a feature where in the latest curve can be compared with a previous one on a single graph.

Product Images (Click on images to zoom):
Time-Current Characteristic Test Bench

Instantaneous Trip Test Equipment (at Rated Voltage) for MCB

The Instantaneous Trip Test Equipment for Circuit Breakers is designed to carry out “Test of Instantaneous Tripping and of correct opening of the Contacts” as per IEC 60898-1, clause 9.10.2. This test is carried out with power factor between 0.95 and 1, with the test sequence operation being 'O-t-CO-t-CO-t-CO' with timings as specified in clause
The required test parameters are realized by an expertly designed current source of rating up to 1250A to accommodate 20*In test current for 63A, D-curve MCBs at rated voltage. The test equipment ensures a high power factor (0.95-1) maintained for different types of MCBs. The pneumatic fixture is custom built to provide ON/OFF operation of MCB under test, which is operated through the dedicated test procedure control unit. The control unit enables the user to set the timings specified in clause and in addition, the user can set different test cycles. The transient recording meter measures and digitally displays the time of trip in milliseconds. Other meters include voltmeter and digital power meter.

Salient Features: Specifications:
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Instantaneous Trip Test Equipment

28 Days & Temperature Rise Test Panel for MCB

The SCR Elektroniks 3 station MCB 28 Days and Temperature Rise Test Bench is economically designed to verify the 28 Days Test (21 hours ON, 3 hours OFF Test) as per clause 9.9 of IEC 60898-1 and Temperature Rise of the parts of a Circuit Breaker specified in Table 6 of clause 8.4.1 measured under the conditions specified in clause 9.8.2 of IEC 60898-1.
In the 28 Days Test, the MCB is subjected to 28 cycles, each comprising 21 hours with rated current at an open circuit voltage of 30 V and 3 hrs without current for a continuous period of 28 days. The 28 Days Test and Temperature Rise Measurement are carried out simultaneously by the micro-controller based timer unit and the digital temperature data-logger measures the temperature at the locations where thermal measurement probes are placed. Another feature, viz. Power loss measurement across a closed MCB can be made available as per customized need.
The micro-controller based timer unit has a unique feature in it, that in diagnostic mode the panel can be run in fast mode, where in the entire test cycle is programmed (by the user on the micro-controller based timer) and carried out in accelerated mode (10 minutes) to check the functioning of the test bench at rated currents. (A process that otherwise would have taken 28 days).

Salient Features: Specifications:
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 28 Days & Temperature Rise Test Panel for MCB Temperature Rise Test Equipment

Temperature Rise & Power Loss Test Bench for Miniature Circuit Breakers (3 station)

The SCR Elektroniks 3 station MCB Temperature Rise and Power Loss Test Bench is economically designed to verify temperature rise and measure power loss as per clause 9.8 of IEC 60898 with the circuit designed to follow test routine as per clause 9.8.2. The temperature rise is measured in accordance with clause 9.8.3 and 9.8.4, while power loss is measured and verified as per table 15 of clause 9.8.5.
The temperature rise is measured with the help of temperature data logger and K type Cr/Al probes while the power loss is measured in terms of voltage drop across the MCB pole at rated (or other user configured) current. The above test can be combined with the 28 days test by clubbing the 28 days + Temperature Rise test bench. The Power Loss Test and Temperature Rise Measurement are carried out simultaneously by the micro-controller based timer unit (which can accommodate the 28 days test software module if opted for) and the digital temperature data logger measures the temperature at the locations where thermal measurement sensors are placed. Servo controlled voltage mechanism ensures constant current flow against incoming voltage fluctuations.
The micro controller based timer unit gives the user a wide flexibility of test cycles and ON and OFF time making the bench an ideal one for test labs as well as Research and development engineers.

Salient Features: Specifications:
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Temperature Rise & Power Loss Test Equipment

3 Phase MCB Endurance Test Bench

The SCR Elektroniks Endurance Test Bench is designed for electrical and mechanical endurance test of MCB and RCCB as per clause 9.11 of IEC 60898-1. The source and the load is designed to comply as per the general test conditions specified in clause 9.11.1. The accompanying pneumatic fixture (test jig) is designed to hold MCB and RCCB while the microcontroller based timer unit can be configure to follow test procedure summarized in clause 9.11.2. In addition, the user can configure some other test settings with respect to the on time, off time as well as the number of test cycles.

The pneumatic test fixture is designed in such a way that the user can test MCBs of similar designs but having dimensions to a different degree. Thus, the test bench is ideal for test labs where MCBs of different brands (and hence different dimensions) can be tested. Another feature of this bench is that only mechanical endurance can be carried out by the test bench in a stand alone fashion by automatically disconnecting the electrical load bank and configuring the test cycles on the micro-controller based timer unit.

Salient Features: Specifications:
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Endurance Test Equipment

Impulse Voltage With-stand Test Equipment (with automatic sequencing & polarity)

The Impulse Voltage Test Equipment is designed to generate impulse voltage (both polarity) of 1.0 KV to 20 KV depending on the model chosen. The waveform generated has a rise time of 1.2 micro second and 50 micro second duration. This instrument (suitable model based on peak voltage) incorporates testing as per the procedure described in IEC 61180, IEC 61010, IEC 60950, IEC 60065, IEC 60335-1, IEC 60230.

(Please write to us to check if specifications meet the standard requirements of those not listed here.)

The peak voltage can be adjusted from the front panel. The test sequence i.e. number of Impulse for Positive and Negative polarity, time between two subsequent impulses & so on can be programmed with the help of a dedicated controller module. The entire sequence, for both positive and negative impulse is automatic. At the end of the test, the test results are displayed on LCD display. Output is provided for connecting an oscilloscope for displaying the Wave Form at the output Terminals.

In case any flash over occurs, it is detected by a circuit which stops the test sequence, and controller displays the number of cycles with polarities at which the failure has taken place.

Impulse voltage tests are recommended with the object to determine effect of voltage stress on insulating due to voltage surges of short durations. A surge is a form of over voltage, which may be defined as an exceptional voltage in excess of peak voltage to earth at line or electrical system of which line forms a part (can be caused as a result of lightning strikes as well as other overvoltage spikes in the power system level).


Product Images (Click on images to zoom):
Impulse Voltage Tester Impulse Voltage Tester 20kV