The test bench is used to test motor thermal overload starters capable of interrupting overlaod current

PC Based Motor Starter Routine Test Bench

Routine Test

SCR Elektroniks has developed a PC based motor starter test bench to check the continuity of the motor starter against over current. The bench is customizable for 3, 5, 6 and 12 stations.

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The bench is used to verify the exact time - current tripping band both at minimum and maximum setting.
The bench helps to check the heating and overload contact mechanism characteristics
24 Station Relay Heating Routine Test Bench.png
This is utilized for the production testing of bimetal overload relays
5 Station Bimetal Overload Relay Test Bench
This single bench conducts nearly all of the electrical tests that are relevant to the contactor
The test bench is useful in conducting various manual tests mainly for prototype and R&D test