Impulse tester 10KV

Impulse Voltage Tester with 1.2 / 50 microsecond waveform as per IEC 61000-4-5

SCR ELEKTRONIKS Impulse Voltage Testers and Surge Current Testers are designed for interference test as per IEC 61180. Impulse Voltage Testers produce a Voltage Impulse of the required 1.2 / 50 microsecond waveform, meaning a high voltage pulse with 1.2 microseconds rise time and 50 microseconds fall time. The voltage level is settable from 0.5kV to 25kV (depending upon model). Likewise, the Surge Testers will produce a current surge with the required wave-shape of 8 / 20 microsecond, meaning a high current surge with 8 microseconds rise time and 20 microseconds fall time.

Impulse tester

The Impulse Voltage Test Equipment is designed to generate a settable voltage impulse of 0.5 to 25kV (as per model) in both polarities. The waveform generated has a rise rime of 1.2 micro-second and 50 micro-seconds duration. This test is described in various standards including IEC 61180.

The peak voltage can be adjusted by the user. The test sequence i.e. number of Pulses for Positive and Negative polarity, time between two subsequent impulses & so on can be programmed with the help of a dedicated PLC module. The entire sequence, for both positive and negative impulse is automatic. At the end of the test, the test results are displayed on LCD display. Output is provided for connecting an oscilloscope for displaying the Wave Form at the output Terminal. In case any flash over occurs, it is detected by a circuit which stops the test sequence, and PLC displays the number of cycles with polarities at which the failure has taken place. We have a PC based model available for demonstration in our factory in Mumbai, India which can be used as an ’Automated Test Equipment’ in your factory or lab.

Applications: Impulse voltage tests are recommended with the object to determine effect of voltage stress on insulation due to voltage pulses of short durations. An Impulse is a form of over voltage, which may occur in real-life scenarios such as a Lightening on an insulation, causing the formation of current path, thereby impairing the insulating property permanently. OR a voltage impulse on a line with an open MCB in it, might jump across the contact & cause a path due to an arc which in turn might damage part of your machinery. Therefore, the insulation must withstand voltage Impulses as defined in BS 61180 or UL 60950

Our parallel product line for Impulse Voltage as well as Surge Current testing in a single unit (shown in the adjoining image) is popular with Energy Meter manufacturers, manufacturers of communication devices, Information Technology Equipment (IEC 60950 - 1) and protection devices like Residual Current Circuit breakers (RCCB /RCBO - IEC 61008 - 1 & IEC 61009 - 1).

In case of testing for current surges, as per IEC 61000 – 4 - 5 & other standards, an overcurrent is applied across input supply to verify the functioning of input protection circuitry.

Input Supply : 20V AC, 50Hz (Tailored to your standard supply from electrical utility)

While many devices are required to confirm to withstand this voltage impulse and current surge, we are outlining a few IEC standards that refer to this test -

IEC 61000-4-5, IEC 60065, IEC 60335 & IS 13252.1.2010.

Standard Title
IEC 61000 – 4 – 5 Electromagnetic Compatibility – Testing and Measurement Techniques – Surge Immunity Test
IEC 60065 Audio, video and similar electronic Apparatus
IEC 60335 Functional safety standard for electrical appliances for and similar purposes.
IEC 60947 - 1 Low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear
IS 13252-1 / IEC 60950 - 1 Information Technology Equipment – Safety
UL 60950 – 1 Information Technology Equipment – Safety
BS 61180 High Voltage Test Techniques for Low Voltage Equipment
Impulse Test waveform Surge Test 10KV Waveform
Sr. No. Description Model
1 Impulse Tester 1.2/50µSec
  • a) 6kV (1.2/50 µSec) Energy Max. 18J
  • b) 10kV (1.2/50 µSec) Energy Max 50J
  • c) 12kV (1.2/50 µSec) Energy Max 70J
  • d) 15kV (1.2/50 µSec) Energy 112J
  • e) 20kV (1.2/50 µSec) Energy 200J
  • f) 6kV (1.2/50 µSec) a) Energy Max. 18J & b) Energy 0.5J
  • IT 6A
  • IT 10A
  • IT 12A
  • IT 15A
  • IT 20A
  • IT 6A EM
2 Impulse Tester 6.5kV 1.2/50 µSec with Current Surge 8/20 µSec (Combination Waveform) ITC6A
Impulse Tester 10kV 1.2/50 µSec with Current Surge 8/20 µSec (Combination Waveform) ITC10A
3 Impulse Tester 10/700µSec
  • a) 6.5kV (10/700µSec)
  • b) 10kV (10/700µSec)
  • IT6B
  • IT10B
4 a) Impulse Tester 6.5kV 10/700 µSec with Current Surge 5/320 µSec (Combination Waveform) ITC6B
5 Impulse Test 6.5kV (1.2/50 µSec & 8/20 µSec with Online with POW and CDN as per IEC 61000-4-5 (Combination Waveform) ITC6/N
6 Ring Wave Generator with CDN as per IS 12640-1: 2016 / IEC 61008-1:2012 RWG-6
7 Surge Tester 10kV as per IEC IEC 60065 ST10

SCR Elektroniks welcome custom design inquires

Impulse tester

Surge Tester is intended for testing of insulating materials, and for testing of particular components in mains operated electronic apparatus for household and telecommunication. This is tested with high voltage surges 10kV.

  • High voltage switch with IEC 60065 circuit is located in solid, isolated housing made of Plexiglas, so that it is protected from dust. Due to the transparency monitoring of high voltage switch is possible. The switch is mounted on top of sheet steel housing that consists control unit and high voltage source.
  • Programmable DC High Voltage Source.
  • The arrangement of switch electrode is as shown figure 5b of IEC 60065. Brass sphere and contacts of high voltage switch are gold plated to avoid oxidation.
  • Electric circuit as per figure 5a of IEC 60065.
  • SCR Elektroniks make Logic Controller for adjusting the number of discharges and their rate.

  • Output Voltage : 0 – 10KV (Programmable) through logic controller
  • Parameters Setting :
    1. 1) Time interval between two surges default– 2.5 Sec. (Max. 99.99 Sec.)
    2. 2) No. Of discharges default – 50 Count (Max. 9999 Count)
  • No. of discharges : Count 50 maximum, (max 9999)
  • Power Consumption : 50VA
Surge tester Impulse tester
Surge tester Ring Wave Generator

The SCR ELEKTRONIKS is design this test equipment for type testing of residual current circuit breakers.

High-voltage pulse generator producing Ring Wave 0.5 μs / 100 kHz acc. to IEEE 587. The output peak voltage can be preset continuously from 0.2 - 6 kV. Rise time 0.5μs to the first peak, ringing frequency 100 kHz. A built-in current transformer allows monitoring of the output current waveform. The generator comprises an electronically regulated high-voltage power supply, an energy storage capacitor, a high-voltage/high-current switch, a pulse forming network and a control- and monitoring unit.

  • Oscillatory wave
  • Output Voltage : 0.2-6KV
  • Frequency : 100 kHz
  • Rise time : 0.5 μs
  • Ring wave test according to IEEE 587
  • Ring wave test of RCCBs according to IS 12640-1: 2016 / IEC 61008-1:2012 Clause No. 9.19.1

  • Output current waveform acc. to IEEE 587 : 0.5 μs | 100 kHz | 200A Peak
  • Oscillation frequency : 100 kHz +/- 10%
  • Rise time to the first peak : 0.5 μs +/- 20%
  • Polarity of output voltage : +/- selectable
  • Maximum stored energy : 10 Ws
  • Charging time to maximum charging voltage : 2.5s
  • Series resistor : 15Ω
  • Max. short circuit output current : 200A

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